Summing up the results of drawing contest "My mother - the best in the world"


May 11, in Kamenskoe city, a remarkable event took place, to please many children and their parents - summing up the results of drawing contest "My mother - the best in the world", dedicated to Mother's Day.

This event is very important in the life of the city and has been held annually for 16 consecutive years, with the assistance of the regional newspaper "The events of today."

General sponsor of the competition was made by the brand "Arida® dry cough medicine for children" ("Ternopharm Ltd"), and partner - Medical Center "Kraiina Zdorovja", which is part of the Holding "Unipharma".

In this year's competition took part 1200 figures, of which staff of the newspaper, partners and sponsors have chosen 46, the most touching works.

Contestants drew their mothers, and on the reverse side of the drawing wrote warm and tender words for them, and sometimes written by a child's hand a few lines about my mother, forced to forget about the figure and very complicated selection of the winner.

Some of the descriptions were funny, some - touching, some were forced to think about it, but one thing in common: each of them mom - the most kind and beautiful.

Greatly admired the creative zeal and reverent attitude of the children to their mother transferred to the drawings, in truth, the foundation of a healthy and good family values ​​deeply embedded in these children. Representatives of "Ternopharm" (brand "Arida"), as well as the Medical Center "Kraiina Zdorovja" was chosen, in their opinion, some of the most inspiring figures and thanked the authors holiday gifts.

"Mother's Day" - this is nice occasion for everyone to say "thank you" to the dearest person on earth for children - it is an opportunity to develop their creative potential and to companies "Ternopharm" and MC "Kraiina Zdorovja" faith and contribute to the healthy generation with a wide view of the world!      

Video about the holiday here тут