How to remove fatigue of feet and to increase the development of varicosis


If you want to avoid varicose, you should take care of it in time. This disease is insidious. So it is necessary to combat now. While the veins are healthy, prevention and time will not take much.


Feeling tired and swollen feet  is a daily problem for those whose work involves a stand-up lifestyle, increased physical activity, walking marathons or a long stay in the heat.

Especially often girls suffer from this problem, because they have to walk around the city not only walking, but also walking around the city on their heels or other uncomfortable shoes, which has not very favorable consequences.

 Yes, these reasons are easily eliminated, and in this case there is no reason for experiencing. To remove fatigue and puffiness it is possible by means of massage or reception of trays for feet.

It is recommended to use local external remedies of application due to fix the effect of water procedures in order to finally get rid of foot fatigue.

"Escuven®" is a foot gel will cope with this task  on 100%. Due to its multicomponent natural composition, which includes the extract of horse chestnut, it integrally influences in three directions: it removes swelling, overcomes fatigue and removes pain in the legs.

The list of contraindications for the drug is small: individual intolerance of individual active and auxiliary components, skin damage, age under 18, pregnancy and lactation.

But there are hidden, more serious factors that can be the cause of unpleasant diseases. Many often take the first signs of developing varicose veins for a simple weakness after a day's work or physical labor.

In order not to allow varicose to spoil your health and holiday mood, it is worth taking all sorts of measures to prevent varicose veins.


- Add to the routine of your working day at least a half-hour walk (go out to her during break). You can also relax your legs with a simple exercise that will prevent the stagnation of blood in your veins: every 2 hours, take off your shoes and start rotating feet in different directions.

- Try to give up stunning heels. Heel above 5 cm leads to a violation of blood circulation in the veins.

- Keep your weight. Do not force your veins to work in a doubled mode, it threatens the deposition of harmful substances on the walls of blood vessels.

- Enter your morning routine in the routine of your day or enter the pool. All this trains our legs, and hence the veins.

- After heavy physical exertion or working day, take a contrast shower. It improves blood circulation, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and gives a rush of vivacity

Drug. Before using, you should to read the instructions and consult your doctor. Keep out of reach children. RP Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. UA / 5105/01/01 dated 05.01.2017.