Drug production by "Micropharm" llc is certified for the complience with GMP

From September 7 to September 10, 2015 the State Administration on Medical Products carried out independent audit for compliance with GMP of the following production sites on production of solid dosage forms of «Ternopharm» LLC:
- production of tablets №1
- production of tablets №2
- production of powders.

During the inspection it was confirmed compliance of the drugs production conditions at the sites with good manufacturing practice, resulting in the issue of certificate GMP 077 / 2015 / SAUMP / GMP.

In the Application to the Certificate is listed he following nomenclature of drugs:

- Alteyka, shewing tablets
- Althaea root dry extract, powder (substance)
- Ambroxol, tablets
- Analgin, tablets
- Antitussin, tablets
- Captipril, tablets
- Mint tablets
- Mucalitan, tablets
- Pancreatine, tablets
- Ceptalor, tablets
- Streptocide, tablets
- Dry cough mixer or children
- Nifuroxazidum, tablets

GMP for "Ternopharm" LLC means:

o    Recognition of the products competitiveness

o    Rise of investor appeal

o    Possibility for products to enter foreign markets.

"Ternopharm" LLC plans for the future: to certify all production sites of the Company and enter the European market.