«Arida» dry cough mixture or children. Aordable medical product - time proved!

Wonderful winter - white snow mantles, sleds, skates, tangerines... And ubiquitous cough in child, cruelly taking away all attractions of winter season and holidays.

Even light attack of illness will make one lose a taste for playing in the street, getting a dose of fresh air and sincere, childlike causeless, joy.

However, the main question, which is interesting to any parent of the coughing child is how the cough can be treated, and which medical products should be administered or the cough to pass? Let's analyze in details this illness.

So, cough is a defense mechanism of the body, aimed at cleansing the respiratory tract. If it is not promptly removed, the process will last for a long time, since the sputum becomes more viscous. At the sputum stagnation in the bronchial tree develops inflammatory process, which in the future can be complicated by complex diseases such as acute bronchitis or pneumonia.

A cough can be dry and wet:

Dry (non-productive) cough manifests at the beginning of any colds (acute respiratory viral infection, pharyngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis), and may be heavy, without sputum;

The wet (productive) cough is always accompanied by sputum separation in the tracheobronchial tree and lungs, most often it is preceded by a dry cough.

And to prevent symptom becoming permanent, it must be treated immediately and reliably.

Are you ready to cure the child's cough in 2 days?

 If the answer is positive, it is specially or such cases in the market for over 40 years effectively used "Dry cough mixture for children" of «Ternopharm» LLC, and now with the updated name, ARIDA «Dry cough mixture for children».

ARIDA «Dry cough mixture for children» - is a medical product that stimulates sputum separation from the respiratory tract and promotes its further withdrawal from the body.  The product has just three treatment actions: antitussive, expectorant and anti-inflammatory.

Mechanism of action of the drug is based on its ability to this the sputum (reduce viscosity), induce secretory activity o bronchial glands and increase ciliary activity of bronchus. In other words, in this way the drug facilitates mucus clearance from the airways of the body.

ARIDA «Dry cough mixture for children» is a plant-based drug without additives, preservatives and coloring materials. It contains:

  • Marshmallow root extract;
  • Liquorice root  extract;
  • Anise oil.

Therefore, it remains safe and available for the treatment of cough in children from one year age.

 According to recent research conducted by the Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy, (which you can read here), the effectiveness of the drug ARIDA «Dry cough mixture for children» manufactured by «Ternopharm» LLC  manifests already from the 2nd day of application.

The main advantages of the drug ARIDA «Dry cough mixture for children» on the basis of combined therapy is the possibility to use the drug in early childhood, a convenient dosage form, safety of use - almost complete absence of side effects, including allergic reactions, high therapeutic efficacy and affordable price.

Today, parents can purchase a safe and affordable medical product, the effectiveness of which time-proven and, what is more important, bring back the joy of winter days to their favorite kids in 2 days!


And let your kids be healthy!