About Company Ternopharm

Created at the premises of the Ternopil Pharmaceutical Factory, constructed as per the design of Hipromedzdrav in 1968, the Company “TERNOPHARM” is a new structural subdivision of the Unipharma Holding.

From the moment of entering the Holding in 2000 the TERNOPHARM LLC has implemented complex modernization of the enterprise, and now it proudly stands on top of the Enterprises manufacturing galenic products in Ukraine.

Now we can bravely say, the TERNOPHARM LLC is a manufacturer of modern, efficient, safe and qualitative medicines from natural and plant raw materials obtained from ecologically clean regions of Ukraine. The Enterprise “Ternopharm” is located in a picturesque western region named “Ternopilshchina”, and it belongs to the first enterprises in Ukraine involved in pharmaceutical branch within this region. During the 20th century the Ternopil Pharmaceutical Factory was a leading manufacturer of galenic medicinal products of the western region of Ukraine, and it has been still holding this position. Due to the fast growth dynamics it has achieved a reputation of the manufacturer of qualitative products, which price policy is available for every consumer.

Over the last ten years the product output index has been increased up to 30%.

Over the last few years the product line has been significantly extended, and now the product range includes more than 109 articles of various dosage forms: lubricants, creams, elixirs, drops, extracts, solutions, liquids, mixtures, pastes, liniments, tablets, film coated tablets, syrups, powders, gels, suspensions, granules, herbal tea, packaged medicinal plant raw materials. Today circa 350 employees are engaged in the work of enterprise, the main part of them work directly with the manufacture. The TERNOPHARM LLC is an enterprise, which carries out its manufacturing process in accordance with the requirements of the Good Manufacturing Practice. Innovative technologies are constantly introduced to the enterprise, modernization and re-equipment of manufacture are carried out.

In the years 2007-2012 a reconstruction of a site for manufacture of tablets, site for manufacture of plant medicinal products and site for manufacture of powders was implemented (in accordance with the GMP requirements).

Two new two-storey warehouses were constructed for storage of finished products, raw and other materials, which were put in commission in November 2011 and July 2014 correspondingly. In May 2013 a new site for bottling of liquid medicinal products was constructed and put in commission. In 2014 a reconstruction of the already existing site for manufacture of solid medicinal products was conducted, and in August 2014 a new site for manufacture of solid medicinal products was built and put in commission.
Analytical Laboratory of QCD is certified with the right to carry out quality control in accordance with the certification scope:
By the State Service of Ukraine, Certificate No. 100 from 03.03.2012;
By the SE “Ternopil Research And Development Centre For Standardization, Metrology And Certification”, Certificate No. РХ-1366/14 from 26.08.2014.

From September 7 to September 10, 2015 the State Administration on Medical Products carried out independent audit for compliance with GMP of the following production sites on production of solid dosage forms of «Ternopharm» LLC:
- production of tablets №1
- production of tablets №2
- production of powders.

During the inspection it was confirmed compliance of the drugs production conditions at the sites with good manufacturing practice, resulting in the issue of certificate GMP №077 / 2015 / SAUMP / GMP.
As for now we are conducting construction works of a new site for manufacture of plant-based dry extracts, we plan reconstructions of the enterprise as well as construction of a new site for manufacture of semi-solid dosage forms and administration outbuilding.
The Company conducts active international economic activity: medicinal products of the TERNOPHARM LLC are registered and used efficiently in Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan.

- qualitative and efficient domestic medicinal products at reasonable prices for broad population.
- more than 100 generic products and several patent medicines of own production in many pharmacotherapeutic groups: N “Agents with an effect on nervous system”, D “Dermatologic agents”, С “Agents with an effect on cardiovascular system”, L “Antineoplastic and immunomodulatory agents”, R “Agents with an effect on respiratory system” etc.
- location of the largest regional wholesale pharmacy warehouse of the Unipharma Holding.
- more than 350 employees involved in the work of enterprise.
The TERNOPHARM LLC carries out clear policy focused on the provision of customers with qualitative, available and efficient medicinal products.
We stand for qualitative medicines!
- guarantees high quality of all manufactured products at all stages of their production and realization;
- ensures complete fulfilment of obligations towards consumers and own personnel;
- constantly raises technical level of manufacture;
- develops new markets by means of formation of stable prestige and image on the tapped markets.
We stand for the qualified personnel!
The TERNOPHARM LLC regards Personnel as its priority value. Our policy is aimed at making conditions for the potential realization of every employee regardless his/her position.
The chief principles of HR policy are:
- stability – the enterprise carefully plans its activities and is stably developing, accordingly, every employee has confidence in his/her work;
- straight dealing – our employees receive only true information regarding activities, accordingly, every employee can be fully confident that all declared obligations towards him/her will be fulfilled;
- care – we take care of our personnel – it is impossible to buy employee’s loyalty, you should deserve it. The Company appreciates its employees and relies on their loyalty.
Care for Personnel, making of comfortable work conditions, encouragement of team spirit of the Enterprise form basis of our corporate philosophy. We are focused on the establishment of long-term labor relations, which are based on principles of social partnership.
We stand for the availability of medicines!
The TERNOPHARM LLC strives for manufacture of reasonably priced but qualitative products designed for consumption of broad population.
 “Medicines provided by nature” – our motto, which always inspires and reminds of the Company’s priority values:
1) innovative development and design of new products for the consumer;
2) application and development of new manufacturing resources. We cooperate with specialized educational institutions for job placement and training of highly skilled workers;
3) reduction of negative effect on the environment;
4 ) achievement of financial stability and profitability level defined by the business plan.
Our mission:
- release of qualitative and reasonably priced products for the domestic market;
- maintenance of innovative technological developments and creation of new work places;
- compliance with the production standards;
- environmental protection.
Key values:
1) consumer, whom we surely provide with qualitative products;
2) our personnel – qualified and и disciplined.

We work for our clients! Permanent improvement – that is the main idea of the TERNOPHARM LLC.